SOLC 3 of 31: Birds in Trees

Black birds so thick

in leave-less trees

A collective chirp

so loud that

it interrupts the quiet sky

An understood “stay put” until

one flies

and then the swarm

fills the sky with a

cloud of moving black dots

and once-again,

the tree is empty.


SOLC 2 of 31: Early morning slicers

Early morning slicers are those

who face a MOUNTAIN of dishes at night

and just a hill of dishes in the morning

who can’t surmise the energy to read one more line at night

but who can finish a whole novel in the morning

who ponder the solutions to problems at night

and solve them in the morning

who are cranky at night

and are patient in the morning

I am an early morning slicer.

SOLC 1 of 31: Dusting off the blog…

It’s my sixth year with the Slice of Life Challenge.  Today, I’m dusting off my blog. Much like I’d dust off my bike. Last night I checked my blog, remembered how to sign in, visited the site and re-familiarized myself with how to post my entry.  Much like I’d check the air in my tires, check my route, look for my water bottle and find my helmet.

This morning I thought about my first post. Much like I’d think about my bike ride destination – how far would I go on that first spring ride? How much would I write today and on what topic?

Throughout the year I write, but not very often. But there is something about the marathon of 31 days of writing each March which inspires me, pulls me in and forces me to find my inner author.

Today I feel creaky and unsteady, much like I would on my first spring ride. But I know that soon enough, writing each day will be just like riding a bike – something you never forget how to do, that gets easier over time and that feels both refreshing and rejuvenating when its over.

Here’s to dusting off the blog and getting going once again.