SOLC 2 of 31: Pace Yourself (Take 2)

I wrote this poem originally for my staff on a day that started with confusion and frenzy that I created accidentally with regard to communicating about and scheduling for parent conferences.  Yesterday’s post was a revised version of this, modified for this challenge. But I thought it appropriate to post the original inspiration.  I’ve done this before with some of my posts in other years – taken the time to rewrite the same content in a different way, in a different genre, for a different audience or from a different perspective – and it helps to stretch me as a writer.

Pace Yourself

Orignally Written: February 26, 2019


37 school days until vacation.

Pace yourself.


Among the fury of lesson plans,

Conferences and data collection,



Find joy in your students.

Rejoice in growth (even if small).

Make time for slowing down…

…yes, slowing down…

Even when everything is moving fast.


Take time to smile, reach out,

And connect with others.

This fuels your soul.

It slows the pace.

It reminds you to be



When demands are being

Heaped on and thrown at you…




Reach out.

Connect with one another.


Pace yourself.

Vacation is only 37 school days away.

You’ve got this!

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