One-Way Bridge Standoff (SOLC 20 of 31)

It’s a weekday commuting irritation. It’s a place where those in the know, know how to navigate it, and those who don’t – or don’t bring their patience – cause disruption for others. It’s the two-way, one-way at a time, bridge that I cross daily as I commute to work.

You see, it’s a yield to the other side kind of system. It’s a follow-the-leader over the bridge assumption. It’s a you-can’t-really-see-the-other-side, so go slow and hope that no one is on the other side situation.

On good days, we all take our turns, alternating who gets in from each side, following the first car who has a clear path and taking it slow over the one way bridge.  On bad days, two cars from either side go at once and meet in the middle – a bridge standoff. Both refuse to back up. To be honest, neither can back up easily. And so begins the bully brigade of cars, pushing the other backward, forcing all those behind it to also inch backwards until one car reaches the edge of the bridge and can awkwardly pull aside with just enough room for the rest of the line of cars to squeak by.

Deep breath. Patience my friends, patience. We will all get where we need to go. Just need a little patience.



1 Comment

  1. caroline524 said,

    March 21, 2017 at 2:24 am

    Ugh. How frustrating. I’ve been caught there a few times and I can’t imagine that as a daily routine. Breathe.

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