Bat Mitzvah Grit (SOLC 8 of 31)

The invitations were sent out. RSVPs are rolling in. Dresses and suits are in the closet.

The countdown is on until May 6th – the BIG EVENT.

She started practicing last summer. Blessings, Haftorah and Torah portions. She’s starting to write her D’var Torah – a literary analysis and speech about her torah portion connected to the themes of the modern day.  It’s a big deal. It’s A LOT of work. It’s a long-term assignment that requires the commitment, grit and perseverance. She’s learning about what it feels like to be prepared (and when she doesn’t practice, what it feels like to be unprepared).

And in the end, when she stands up there to lead the congregation, chants her torah portions and gives her speech, she will feel accomplished. She will know that she’s done it. For herself, for me and for my parents. And she will be proud.

I think that it’s the process that has stuck with me the most. Although I went through this myself 30 years ago, it someone seems much more to me watching her go through it.  Reflecting on it, I am proud of her process and I know that after the party and celebrations (which will go by all too quickly) that she will look back at how she practiced for weeks, squeezed in tutoring and gave a speech to a congregation filled with friends and family. The poise and confidence that she musters for that day will stay with her forever.

1 Comment

  1. caroline524 said,

    March 8, 2017 at 5:09 pm

    I can’t believe it’s time for her Bat Mitzvah!! I like how you recalled your own experience and how she will see that all the work will leave a sense of accomplishment. Congratulations on going through the process together.

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