Magic Music (SOLC 7 of 31)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to witness magic with music. Steve Seskin, the award winning song-writer and singer came to our district to work with the Middle School students who are in the FLY program. The FLY program is an after-school program, named FLY for Finding the Leader in You. It’s a place for homework, mentorship and fostering leadership skills for the students who need it most.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Steve five times now. It’s always a magical and inspiring experience.  It goes like this: Steve comes to the school, meets with students in a room with his guitar and nothing else. He talks briefly about the components of writing a song: chorus, verse and bridge, and sprinkles in a few song-writing tips. Then, they start brainstorming and writing. Yesterday’s inspiration came from the name of the program, Finding the Leader in You.

What I find most magical is that in the space of 2 hours yesterday he helped this group of 20+ students create, sing and record a song about what it means to be a leader, stick to your dreams and believe in yourself.  My colleague, the Middle School Principal, recorded this process and was able to screen it for the Board of Education Meeting last night with all of the students there present. It was magical. The smiles on their face said it all. Being middle-schoolers, they were embarrassed and proud all at the same time, but you could tell it was more pride than anything else. It was truly magic with music and a delight to witness.

Here is the song they wrote:

Finding the Leader in You

Lyrics By FLY program students and Steve Seskin

V e r s e  1 :

You can follow the crowd

Or you can lead and be proud

By speaking out for what you believe in

You’re gonna stumble and fall

You’re bound to fumble the ball

It’s all about getting back up again, up again

C h o r u s :

Finding the Leader in You, is not always easy to do-o-o.

Finding yourself, inspiring somebody else.

To set some goals and see them all the way through

It takes courage and confidence, hope and faith, too

Finding the Leader in You.

Verse 2:

Search deep inside to find what’s truly alive

Share it with the world

Don’t hold back

Don’t keep your dreams in a bottle,

Be a role model

Help others to stay on track.

B r i d g e :

It takes Great Teachers

And Strong Mentors

Friends and Family

It takes imagination


A good education is the key to…



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