SOLC 25 of 31: Ladies Who Lunch

IMG95201603249512571591295HDRYesterday my daughter and I spent the day together. We went out for both breakfast and lunch during our outing. We looked at places for her Bat Mitzvah reception and then headed to New Hope, PA to scout out the plans for her tie dye party there next month. It was a very relaxed and joyous day – just the two of us. I needed that. She needed that. We’ve been thrown into the tornado of teenage hormones recently and it’s been a little rocky.

At the Tie Dye shop, where we just stopped in to make plans for her party, we decided that an early birthday gift to her would be a tapestry that she would make.  We had 1:1 attention from the store owner and together they made the most gorgeous tapestry to hang over her bed in her room at home. Her smiles, her happiness, her relaxed state of enjoyment was all worth it.

While the tapestry dried, we at lunch and made reservations for her party lunch to follow the tie dye and then headed to an ice cream store to check out the milkshakes. YUM.

It was a lovely slice of time together marked not by yelling and arguing and disagreeing, but by smiles, fun, enjoyment and togetherness.  Love those days.


1 Comment

  1. caroline524 said,

    March 26, 2016 at 2:31 am

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day together. I can’t believe it’s Bat Mitzvah time.

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