SOLC 4 of 31:Big truck, little me

I’ve been driving my husbands F-150 King Ranch truck for the last two weeks while my car was in the shop. That truck is huge. I’m short in stature. It’s funny the reactions I’ve gotten when people see me driving the truck – some say, “Do you LOVE driving that?” “No.”  “Don’t you feel so empowered driving such a big truck?’ “No.” “Wow you look so small in that truck.” “Yes.”

For me, the truck is bulky, awkward and hard to park. But my other option wasn’t an option – driving the convertible, which is a manual, which I don’t know how to drive.

Last night, I picked up my car. It’s actually a pretty big SUV. When I climbed in, it felt so small compared to the truck. Ahhh….back in my car once again.  It’s funny though, because I’m sure when others climb into my SUV they think – wow, this is a big, bulky car. But after driving around the truck for two weeks, this one feels just perfect for little me.


1 Comment

  1. caroline524 said,

    March 4, 2016 at 6:36 pm

    Your slice reminds me of Golidlocks when she finds what is just right for her. As someone car shopping right now, I keep sitting in cars hoping to have the “just perfect” feeling.

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