On giving, SOLC 2015, 24 of 31

Lately, I’ve been collecting clothing and shoes for a few families in need in my school. I do this from time to time for usually one family, but right now, the need is bigger, so I’ve branched out.

Two things always strike me – the generosity of those around me and the gratefulness of those who are receiving the items.

I put out an e-mail to a few friends, colleagues and our PTO Board members and bags and bags of items came in. Coats and boots, jeans and t-shirts, socks and pajamas. Wow!

And each family who came to pick up the items graciously took them and said, “Thanks, this helps.”

It’s amazing what clothes can do for a kid. Just like food fuels their body, having clothes and shoes that fit – fuels their spirit. The next day, they skip into the classroom showing off the new shoes. For one student, this made a huge difference in her behavior and her attitude. Sometimes we need this reminder – be patient, be caring, be compassionate. Academics is hard when your feet aren’t comfy. When your shoes are too small or too big and you don’t have socks.

Today a family requested some help with hygiene products. I’ll put out the call (or e-mail). I am so proud that she felt she could ask. But it is a reminder that just some basics things can make all the difference.

Yesterday we got an e-mail from our local girl scout troop who asked for snack donations for a nearby school district in need. Again, we sent out an e-mail and gathered donations.

When our content work seems so hard for our students, let’s remember the basics – the food, the clothing, the hygiene products – may be part of the answer we are seeking.


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