SOLC 22 of 31: Dad’s turn, honoring him, just-because

The other day, I wrote a slice about honoring my mom. Letting her know, now, while she’s alive, that I appreciate her. It wouldn’t be fair then, to not honor my dad too. He’s pretty awesome as well.

My dad is driven, analytic and a fabulous writer. My mom’s a great writer too (she should get more credit here), but throughout my secondary schooling it was my Dad who edited my papers, gave me feedback at midnight for college papers due the next day and made me a better writer overall.  I remember e-mailing my college drafts to him and having him edit them with me line by line, paragraph by paragraph over the phone. It helped. 

My dad is also a great photographer. Again, my mom is too – they’re a good pair.  They both instilled a love of photography into me and my brother. When I was young, maybe around 8 or 9, I had my own first camera.  On family vacations each member of our family  had their own camera and compared our pictures once the vacation was over.  In college, I continued learning about photography in college courses.  Now my children love taking pictures and my dad and mom share their love of picture taking with them as well.  My 9 year old daughter got her first camera many years ago.  Both of my children can handle the 35 mm camera beautifully already.  There is a sense of trust and belief that comes along with letting someone use your very expensive camera or buying them on of their own.  It’s wonderful.

My dad, like my mom, is a great cheerleader.  Always making me feel good for my efforts.  In high school and college, I was a fencer. He and mom were at every match for hours (and hours and hours). They cheered me on, consoled me through taking a leave during my junior year due to injury and helped me find myself as an athlete and team captain. 

My dad served 10 years on the school board of education (maybe more, he’ll edit this when he reads it!).  He gave long hours, fought fiercely to save a school building and negotiated for salaries among other big issues. His dedication and ability to volunteer and serve the community certainly serves as a long-standing model of community service for all of us. 

Thanks dad for being my champion again and again and again!

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