SOLC 21 of 31: Camp Hunting

It’s camp hunting time. Ugh. It’s time to figure out the summer plans for the kids, fill out the registration papers, make the payments, and figure out the carpools. It’s time to piece together the summer week by week, before and after our vacation.  These are the weeks when I wish I didn’t work full time.  As a building Principal, July is slow but August is very busy. The weeks that are the busiest for me are the ones where camp is already over, leaving me to piece together plans for my kids to keep them occupied. 

Two summers ago, we found a great 5 week camp that my children liked. It had swimming and activities, a great cafeteria and counselors who were all teachers.  They went back there last summer, made new friends and continued old friendships.  This year, some of my daughter’s friends aren’t returning to that camp – so she doesn’t want too either. I understand.  But that leaves me with a dilemma.  I’d really like for my daughter and son to go camp together – it’s easier that way all around for transportation and transition.

How do I meet the needs of my crafty, artsy soon-to-be-10-year-old daughter, while also supporting the needs of my soon-to-be-8-year-old son who likes familiarity and doesn’t do well with change? I also really prefer them to have a camp experience where they swim daily.  They are both pretty good swimmers, but I value the swim instruction they get at camp (and wouldn’t get otherwise) – so swimming has become one of my criteria.  Daily I’m trying to weigh my daughter’s wishes, my son’s needs and my desire with swimming instruction to find the right camp experiences for them.

I haven’t figured it out yet, but the clock is ticking on the early bird registration discounts, so I better figure this out soon!


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  1. Barbara Weisbart said,

    March 22, 2014 at 1:16 am

    Being a parent is sometimes so hard. I don’t know how you can meet both of their needs and keep them together. Good luck.

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