SOLC18 of 31: Seasonal Slip-Ups

Lots of times, my writing ideas come from observations I make as I look around the environment I’m in.  I often “react” to something that I see and it ends up being a slice or an entry in my notebook.  Here’s an example:


Pumpkins on the porch in March?

Santa by the side of the house in February?

Christmas lights and nativity scene on the lawn in April?

Halloween candy in stores in August?

School supply sales in May?


With the weather being so crazy these days, it’s hard enough to know what season you are in! And then, add in these seasonal slip-ups and it’s even more confusing!


1 Comment

  1. March 18, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Ha – I have to admit our Christmas lights are still on the front bushes – at least we took the candy canes and snowman down! I hope to put them away before the cherry and pear trees bloom. 😉

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