SOLC 10 of 31: Key communication

“20 minutes and $40?” okay said the taxi dispatcher.

“Okay, what choice do I have?”




“Since we are running late, let’s stop at Panera, drop you off with the kids to order food and I’ll go ahead and get the gas,” I said.

“Why don’t I go get the gas and you get the food with the kids?”  said, my husband. 


I got out of the driver’s seat and got my kids out of the car and into the restaurant. Off he went to the gas station.

20 minutes go by.

“This is taking a long time,” I think to myself. “Where is he? I’ll call him.”

I take out my phone and see that I have 11 missed calls from him. Oops! He must be really mad! Apparently my ringer was still on mute from the evening before!

I called him back.  “What happened? Are you OK?”

“You have the keyless starter in your purse! I can’t turn the car back on!”

We were already late for our 2 PM appointment down at LBI (still an hour and a half away). The kids are I were at the restaurant. My husband was at the gas station. I needed to get to him to get the car started. I didn’t know how far away the gas station was from the restaurant, so I didn’t want to start heading down the highway with my kids in tow. I called about 6 taxi companies and couldn’t find any to take me down the road.  Finally, “20 minutes and $40,” one said. “Okay, what choice do I have?”  I called my husband and told him the price.  “Cancel it!” I’ll walk to you, it’s not that far or try to see if you can get a ride to me.”  Taxi cancelled, I bundled up my kids, packed up my husband’s lunch and waited by the door of the Panera to search for a ride.

“Excuse me,” I said to the first man that exited, “would you be able to give us a lift to my husband who is stranded down the street?”

“No, I can’t,” he said, offering not much of an explanation.

A young adult girl and her mother appeared out of the doors.

“Excuse me, can I ask you a strange question? Would you be able to give us a ride to my husband who is stranded at the gas station down the street?”

“Okay,” she said.

We piled into her car and we thanked her profusely over and over again. 

The gas station was only .2 miles away. Reunited with the keyless starter, the car started and we were on our way to the beach.

Just a little key glitch!


1 Comment

  1. Laura said,

    March 11, 2014 at 1:07 am

    You really used your creativity, I loved the title and repetition of 20. Great conclusion. We all have been in those glitches at times.

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