SOLC 21 of 31: Running on Empty

Last night, I was running on empty by 5 PM. And yet, I still had to:

Go to a school event, eat dinner, pick up the girl scout cookies, pack the girl scout cookie orders and help with homework. 

Leaving a meeting at the district office at 5:15, I ran to Target before the 6 PM event. My feet ached. I seriously considered buying new shoes. I didn’t. I should have.

At the school event, the turnout was amazing for our Cultural Night.  I pushed myself to visit each table and exhibit.  My feet ached. Could I drive home in socks?

At home, I ate cereal for dinner.  Shoes off. Comfy shoes on.

Into the car with my daughter in tow to get the girl scout cookie orders.

Once home, we packed and counted all of the orders – thank you notes too!

Dishwasher next – OY!

My sleeping son wakes up…can you read me a chapter in my new book?

I pull myself up the stairs not wanting to diminish his excitement. We read ONE chapter. He wants more. I can’t. I’m running on empty. I promise to read more tomorrow and over spring break.

Into bed. Collapsed. Asleep. 



1 Comment

  1. March 21, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    I know the feeling.
    Was today better? Did you buy new shoes?
    For being empty you managed to write a story that was full of feeling, emotion and drama.
    I could feel the pain in your feet as you wanted to drive home in socks. The short sentences at the end were so powerful.
    Now I am curious to see what you will write tomorrow.

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