SOLC 19 of 31: Shammy’s Shakes and Shamrocks

Who: Shammy the Beanie-baby Bear
What: Shammy’s birthday
When: March 17th (of course!)
Why: Because my 6 year old son loves Shammy!

Sunday, March 10th – (AM): Max, “Only 7 more days until Shammy’s birthday!”
Monday, March 11th: Max, “Only 6 more days until Shammy’s birthday!”
Tuesday, March 12th: Max, “Only 5 more days until Shammy’s birthday!”
Wednesday, March 13th: Max, “Only 4 more days until Shammy’s birthday!”
Thursday, March 14th: Max, “What are we doing for Shammy’s birthday?”
Friday, March 15th: Me, “what ARE we doing for Shammy’s birthday? only 2 more days!”
Saturday, March 16th, Max, “Tomorrow is Shammy’s birthday!”
Sunday, March 17th, Max, “It’s SHAMMY’S BIRTHDAY!!! Say, Happy Birthday to Shammy!”

Me: “Max should we make some Shamrock cookies for Shammy?” (me thinking that he loves my sugar cookies and I could find a Shamrock cookie cutter to make them).
Max, “YES!!!!”

Me, off to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for cookies and for Shamrock Shakes.
First stop: grocery store, no Shamrock Cookie cutters.
Second stop: William Sonoma, no Shamrock Cookie cutters.
Third stop: Pottery Barn kids, no Shamrock Cookie cutters.
Fourth stop: Target, no Shamrock cookie cutters.
Fifth stop: Wegman’s, no Shamrock cookie cutters.

I returned home knocked down, but not defeated. I looked at the picture of the shamrock cookie that Max had found on the internet. Each clover looked like a heart. Heart shaped cookie cutters I did have! So…three hearts + 1 stem = 1 shamrock!!

A few hours later we were singing “Happy Birthday” to Shammy, drinking Shamrock Shakes (vanilla ice cream, mint extract, milk and green food coloring) and eating delicious Shamrock cookies with green icing and white smiley faces.

Happy Birthday Shammy!



  1. mag said,

    March 19, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    An out of the box thinker! I love it. What fun you make! Your son must be very happy!

  2. caroline524 said,

    March 21, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    Isn’t it incredible what we will do for our children? What a great memory for Max. Any other Beanies having a birthday soon? Get the cookie cutters ready!

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