SOLC 17 of 31: Poppy and Grandma Janet

I had dinner with my mom and dad and aunt and uncle last night and I asked them about Poppy and Grandma Janet. Grandma, in her early years was “high strung” and “intense” as my mom and aunt would say. So I asked them if Poppy balanced her out – was he the easy-going to her “high-strung?”

“No.” said my aunt.
“Not really.” said my dad.
“I wouldn’t say that.” said my uncle.

Hmmmm…so how did their marriage work? My aunt explained that Poppy chose Grandma to marry because she was the prettiest girl in the room and she chose to marry Poppy because he was going to be a doctor and she thought she’d be wealthy. Poppy was social and loved to go, go, go — Grandma preferred not to go. But, she loved the 3 times a week he had meetings or social gatherings and that gave her time to herself as well.

My aunt and mom both commented on the great advice that Poppy gave them about friendships and wanting to be popular. Life lessons that they still recall and treasure to this day. He was a great advice giver they said.

I asked them “Who was the homework helper?”
“Neither,” they replied.

But, Poppy taught them both (and their sister who has since passed away) to be great public speakers. He knew the importance of being an effective orator and therefore made them practice speeches in front of him -giving them feedback on eye contact, use of notes and overall presentation. They are both fabulous public speakers and writers.

I remember the cuddly poppy and the always proud Grandma Janet. It’s nice though to talk to my mom and aunt and find out more about the people they were before they were my grandparents.


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  1. caroline524 said,

    March 19, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    Finding out new information is like adding another piece of a puzzle. I enjoy finding a new picture or hearing a new story from another family member. I have begun enlisting other family members in the search for more information. It adds a new dimension to knowing who they were before they were grandpa or grandma.

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