SOLC 15 of 31: More on flowers

I’ve never been good at growing things and always admired those who can garden, plant beautiful pots and who have green thumbs. Mine is brown for sure! But in the spring, I do so love watching the flowers pop-up out of the ground and the buds starting form on trees. And then, one magical warm day, you pull out of your driveway and the trees that weren’t in bloom, suddenly are blossoming. The tulips that weren’t open before, suddenly are opening. And the daffodils are smiling.

I remember the first spring in each house I’ve lived in. The flowers that came up were surprises. We didn’t know where the daffodils were hiding or the groundcover that had flowers would be so pretty. It was so magical to watch the landscape evolve those springs.

My favorite bushes are the hydrangea bushes. Something about the size and color of the hydrangeas never seems to lose its interest for me. I keep meaning to plan more hydrangea bushes around…maybe this spring I’ll do so!


1 Comment

  1. newtreemom said,

    March 16, 2013 at 12:03 am

    A favorite memory of my grandma’s yard is the hydrangea bushes, which we called snowballs despite their color. Hope you get to plant more in your yard. They are magical.

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