SOLC 29 of 31: Goals

I attended a workshop today that asked us to reflect on our own personal goals as a precursor to reflecting on school goals.  In the workshop, they offered some pitfalls for meeting goals: unrealistic, not flexible, not focused, didn’t take action among others.  So I reflected on two personal goals: 1) to lose weight and get in shape and 2) to write personal notes to students and staff (working on it).  In doing so, I realized that my first goal wasn’t happening because often my goal with this is unrealistic and I don’t take action.  The second one, I am being much more successful with because it’s written down, has a time bound deadline and is something that I am working on over time.  As I write this, I’m thinking about the goal of this challenge: to write and comment every day.  So far, I’ve been successful with this?  Why? Maybe because it’s time-bound. Maybe because I enjoy it. Maybe because of the feedback. Maybe because it’s nice to have a goal that you can meet.  Whatever the reason, it’s good to have goals and even better when you can achieve them!


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