SOLC 17 of 31: Looking From The Side

I’ve learned something from cleaning my speckled granite countertops: you need to look from the side to see if it’s really clean.  You see, the pattern is so good at masking the dirt and crumbs that you truly can’t tell that it’s filthy until you get down to counter level and glance at it from the side.  Only then, do you see the mess you truly left behind!

I think this is true for lots of situations that at first may seem okay, but if looking from the side, you may gain another perspective that helps you clarify the true situation at  hand.  This relates to dealing with my own children for sure.  When locked in a battle over something, I often try to find myself figuring out how to come at this from a different perspective, and usually when I do take a different tact, I do find the clarity I’ve been finding or at least a bit more success.

So, thanks granite countertops for teaching me to look from the side.


1 Comment

  1. elsie said,

    March 17, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    How wise of you to realize this, then take action to apply it. Great observation!

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