SOLC 11 of 31: Car clutter

Last week, I spent the week helping with arrival at my school.  We have a system where the parents can pull up in line, open the car doors and drop off their kids and then drive off on their way.  It’s been very interesting to the state of each car as they unload. Some cars are “new-car” clean inside, literally – paper mats and all.  Others, “trash-bag-floors” filled with wrappers, garbage and all kinds of other stuff on the floor.  And then most, are sort of in-between.  It’s funny though, knowing these families and seeing the state of the the cars…it’s all sort of connects.  The neat ones are the kids who are pretty together, always on time and ready to learn.  The messy ones are the kids who are often late, can’t find their homework and struggling to get going in the morning.  The ones in between are a bit of either.  My own car, I think, is relatively free of garbage, but not free of crumbs under the car seats.

I compare it to the state of my house: relatively neat, but always a bit messier than I want.  The state of cleanliness says “you’ve got some of it under control, but not all of it.”  I always aspire to have it totally clutter free – but can’t quite get there.  I relish the days the house is cleaned – if only it could stay that way.

Funny what a clean or messy car can tell about the state of your head and your house.


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  1. Barbara said,

    March 11, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    I absolutely love this post. The state of the inside of my car is always little battle between my husband and I. I clean it out about once every month and then things begin piling up again. Not garbage, just things. I have two children and their things always pile up in the back too.
    I really like how you compared your car to your house. I’ve often said my care, at times represents my life. Thank you for sharing!

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