Donate – it Feels Good

I love the feeling of donating items that I don’t need anymore to a good cause.  Our High School is collecting used books for a book sale to benefit Project Graduation.  Over the weekend, I took a few minutes to clear out an overflowing bookshelf with books that we don’t need or read anymore.  I dropped off two large bags of books to the HS.  As I did, I felt lighter.  Not only did I benefit from clearing out an overcrowded shelf, but I knew the books would benefit the HS and hopefully have a new life when bought by someone else.

Whenever the schools have donation drives, I try to make sure that my children participate.  Whenever we are cleaning up or clearing out at home, I try to have my children be part of the “keep vs. donate” piles.  In an era of want, want, want….we absolutely need to focus on what we need, need, need and help our children to understand that too.

Donating items is a win-win situation that benefits all involved.  Whenever I can, I’ll keep donating.  However I can, I’ll keep modeling.  Donate, it feels good.


1 Comment

  1. Ruth said,

    March 2, 2012 at 6:31 am

    You’re right, donation is a very good thing. I’m always struck by how I don’t miss it when I give it away.

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