Believe It Forward

We all need this. Feel free to pass it on.  Something I wrote for those around me.


Believe it Forward



Needs someone

To believe in them.


As we get older

We often rely on


For motivation,


And a pat on the back.


But everyone

Needs someone

To believe in them.


To speak the words






and ingenuity.


And so,


I am telling


That I



That I

Think that your work

Is filled


“out of the box thinking”


“authenticity” and

a belief and pride in

what you do.


Telling you,

Lets you know that I

BELIEVE in you







Believe it forward…

And give this

To someone who

Also needs to know



Believes in




Another poetic thank you

During December and January, my mother-in-law was in hopsice care in my house.  The home health care worker who came to stay with us 24/7 was amazing.

This poem was written (and given) to her.


Before I met you,

I knew you had to be special –

To do the job you do.


I knew you were a

A gift sent to our family

In a time of need.


But when you came

And cared for our family member

With dignity, patience

And dedication


It meant the world to us.


You slept in a chair

Or on the floor next to her bed

For 21 days.


You didn’t step outside

At all

Not because we didn’t offer

But because of who you are


You weren’t picky, demanding or needy

You were the model of compassion, comfort and care.


You showed us how to care in the final weeks.

You showed us how to push through tired

You showed us how to bring dignity to the end

Of someone’s life.


You are

Someone special

A gift sent to our family

In a time of need.


And, we thank you for giving us

And our family member

A compassionate final few weeks.

Anonymous Appreciation

As a school administrator, I often feel that administrators and central office folk don’t get any recognition.  So, I wrote this poem and sent it to a few people.  The bottom of the  poem asks them to send it on.  After sending it out, I went to a meeting of administrators where someone brought the poem and said, “Look what someone sent me, it made me feel so good!”  I smiled (on the inside!).  Feel free to send this anonymously to someone you know who deserves it.


For Administrators with Appreciation


You toil, you trouble

You flip and you flop

You make decisions by the second

The work doesn’t stop.


There are mandates and directives,

Initiatives too,

All trying to tell you

What’s the BEST thing to do.


It’s easy to become lost in the demands

Forgetting why you chose

This as your

Professional plan


But you are making a difference

Leading with care

Reminding those you work with

That there’s no time to despair


You smile, you praise

You model, you lead

You give all of yourself

To all in need


And you do it why?

Because that’s who you are.


You see the bigger picture

Beyond policies and musts

You build a community

Filled with trust.


What thanks do you get?

Very little indeed.


But know that it’s noticed,

The hard work you do.

Know that it means something

to those that you lead

And know that you are appreciated,

Very much indeed.



Please pass this along within 3 days to someone you think deserves to know how much they are appreciated.  You might also want to include an anonymous personal note about why you chose them or a sweet treat, or both. 

What She Didn’t Know She Was Teaching Me: A Valentine for My Mom

When I was little, my mother worked as the membership director of the JCC.  In her role, she’d often help with scholarship needs for families.  I remember her coming home and telling us stories of misfortune over the dinner table.  During one particular year, she was helping a group of Russian immigrants who left with nothing, came with nothing and had nothing.  She helped them secure jobs, got them clothing, furniture and rides.  She arranged for scholarships for their children to attend camp while they got themselves on their feet.  She mentored them (way beyond the scope of the membership director job description).  I remember listening to her stories, but what I didn’t realize at that time, was, what she was teaching me.

I do now.  Today, I helped a family get a new set of bunk beds and a sofa-bed donated to them by a local furniture company.  This is a family of 9, living in 2 bedrooms, including 5 people who just lost their wife or mother.  They need everything clothes, coats, shoes, beds, etc.  So we dreamed big, reached out and got a donation.  Calling this family to deliver the news was the best gift of all.  The delight, the stress-relief, the appreciation was truly heart-warming.  When we have families in need, I often work with my counselor and the local Social Services agency to support families.  I took a trip to Social Services today and came back with $100 with of Target Gift Cards, 3 hand-made scarves and connections to other local clothing outlets.  It takes a community to support one another, way beyond the job description.  I got that from my mother.  It’s what I didn’t realize she was teaching me over stories at the dinner table.  Thanks, Mom.