Finding treasures in everyday writing

Reflecting on the challenge of writing everyday for a month, I loved it. It forced me to push beyond tired, push beyond piles and push beyond the usual, and find, focus and zoom into small tiny treasures of writing moments.  It is exactly what we hope for in our writer’s workshops when we give the gift of time to write each day (although with the added structure of genre and structure and craft – OH MY!).  I relished the opportunity to get feedback from both known and unknown readers – the feedback boosted my confidence and my desire to write more each day (how can I do that for my students?)  I have filled my paper notebook (pNotebook) and my eNotebook and look forward to the challenge to keep on blogging at least weekly.  Thank for the challenge to push through and find those treasures.



  1. Barbara Weisbart said,

    April 1, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    Does this help?

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