Slice of Life Day 19: To wear fancy clothes or not to wear fancy clothes

My daughter loves to dress up. My son doesn’t even like to get dressed!

My daughter’s godmother buys her a very special fancy dress for her birthday each year.  This is a tradition started on her 1st birthday and continues still.  Now they consult with each other on the dress, but the result is the same…a gorgeous, fancy dress that twirls and twirls.  My daughter smiles from ear to ear when she puts it on.  After her birthday, I try to find other occasions for her to wear the dress.  She just loves the twirl, satiny feel of a very special dress.  She’s now almost 7 and learning to accessorize. So now we need to add fancy shoes, purses, hats, etc. to make the outfit just right.


My son, on the other hand, doesn’t even own any fancy clothes – well, one argyle vest currently.  On Christmas, Thanksgiving, picture day and other occasions I’ve tried to get him into his “Christmas clothes” or “picture day clothes” to no avail. In fact, if you witnessed the scene with my husband and me getting him dressed, you’d for sure think that something torturous was happening.  For my mom’s recent award event, I barely managed to get him into his argyle vest with a while long sleeved shirt underneath and jeans.  He looked adorable, but my oh my, it wasn’t without coaxing and a major tantrum.  When I dropped him off at school later in the day, he reminded me that I had promised that he could take off the vest and wear only his white shirt the rest of the day.

It’s funny how their personalities really show in the clothes they wear. My son is comfortable in pjs and jeans.  My daughter is comfortable in many outfits – but jeans are not even part of her wardrobe and until recently, she rarely wore pants, only dresses or twirly skirts.  I remember being amazed that even as young as age 2 my daughter had a very strong opinion about what she would and wouldn’t wear.   My son does too, it’s just his opinion and her opinions are very different.

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  1. caroline524 said,

    March 21, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    When my oldest son turned 2 he refused to wear any shirt that had buttons. No matter what I tried or said, he just wouldn’t cooperate. His reason was simple…button shirts are not cool! It’s incredible how they can form strong opinions at a young age.

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