Slice of Life Day 16: Unexpected Wardrobe Change

The first warm (really warm) day of spring always catches me unexpectedly – especially in terms of being prepared wardrobe wise. On the way home from school yesterday in the car, my 4 year old son announced, “I want my tan shorts when we get home!”

Uh oh. Tan shorts. Shorts, shorts, shorts. Where are the shorts? Where are the tan shorts? Which tan shorts does he want? Will the tan shorts he wants still fit him? Uh oh.

We get home, unload the car and he runs up the stairs to find his shorts.  Into the extra room, into the plastic bins of summer clothes…and…there…are a pair of tan shorts. Uh oh. Are these the tan shorts he was thinking of? (He’s a little particular.) They were. Phew!

Tan shorts. Happy boy.

Today is warmer. He wore his shorts to school today.  I guess it’s time to really starting finding those spring/summer clothes and move them from bins to drawers. Then, next time, I won’t be caught so unexpected.  (Unless it snows!)


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