Slice of Life Day 2

We teach our students that writers write for many reasons.  We teach them that often, writers have lots of projects going on at a time.  In the course of a day, I’ve realized how many types of writing I actually do:

e-mail responses

e-mail questions

personalized handwritten notes to students about their work

notes taken on student complaints, discipline issues, altercations

letters typed to parents to communicate an issue

lists (for all reasons, grocery, to do, etc.)

I also think about all of the writing projects that I have going on at the same time:

Weekly Newsletter for Staff

Monthly Newsletter for Parents

Writing that follows a school initiative for a book that I hope to publish

Letters for my own children with not-so-frequent entries on what’s happening in their lives now

It’s interesting to take a step back and look at the modeling that we do in our own lives with our writing.  Some of these projects are attended to daily and others I only revisit from time to time.  As our students get older, we can model for them this type of writing about multiple interests, writing for multiple purposes and keeping multiple projects going as we  live like writers. And when we do live like writers, we see ourselves as writers.


1 Comment

  1. the other ruth said,

    March 5, 2011 at 2:59 am

    Such a great idea–to sit back and consider the writing we do each day. I think doing this is important. It reminds us that we are writers and helps us think about what kind of writing we really may want to explore with our kids.

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